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Muse : Black Holes and Revelations .mp3, full album download

Artist: Muse.mp3 (full albums)
Album: Black Holes and Revelations
Format: .mp3 .wav
Release: 2006  year

1. Take a Bow.mp3 13.47mb
2. Starlight.mp3 11.55mb
3. Supermassive Black Hole.mp3 10.07mb
4. Map of the ProblematiquG.mp3 12.46mb
5. Soldier's Poem.mp3 6.26mb
6. Invincible.mp3 14.15mb
7. Assasain.mp3 10.16mb
8. Exo-Polotics.mp3 11.23mb
9. City of Delusion.mp3 13.89mb
10. Hoodoo.mp3 10.72mb
11. Knights of Cydonia.mp3 17.50mb

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HOTTEST LYRICS: Monica: Everything To Me

Artist: Monica
Song: Everything To Me

Boy if you ever left my, my side
It'd be like taking the sun from the sky
I'd probably die without you in my life
'Cause I need you to shine, shine your light

You're everything to me, hey
The air that I breathe, whoa
My sun so I see
Oh lordy, you're everything to me

I can't repay you, all that you've done
Always come first and second to none
All that you've given me is equal to ten
My peace, my joy you are my, my strength

You're everything to me, hey
The air that I breathe, oh
My sun so I see
Oh, you're everything to me

Boy, I never thought I'd feel love like this
Better than our first date, sweeter than our first kiss
And you, ain't no other person for me
You're my best friend, my lover

Baby, you're my everything

You're everything to me
The air that I breathe
My sun so I see
You're everything to me

Say it

I need you
I need you
I need you
I need you